Scale Your Business

without losing your mind

Ditch the overwhelm and successfully grow yourself, your team, and your revenue

Does this sound like you?

I find myself chasing after SHINY OBJECTS instead of focusing on priorities.
Running this business feels more COMPLICATED than it needs to be.
I struggle to develop and implement realistic ACTION PLANS.
I wonder if I have what it takes to LEAD my growing company.
I can’t seem to get everyone rowing in the SAME DIRECTION.
I feel like I have to figure it all out ON MY OWN.

Guess What? Despite what the gurus tell you, there is no secret formula for success as a person or as a company. But successful companies MUST have strong leadership and that begins with YOU.


Imagine if you could…

have a clear vision for your company’s future
build and engage a highly productive team
develop not just strategy but a solid action plan
implement simple systems to keep you and your team on track
have accountability throughout the company so you can sleep better at night knowing

what has been completed and what still needs to be done

feel confident as a business owner and leader
be supported throughout the process

When you book a Success Strategy Session you receive the link to take a FREE DISC personality assessment where you will learn your behavioral style– your preference for decision making, interaction with others, stability in your environment, and rules and procedures.

This is your first step in understanding your unique abilities as a leader and how you can implement a plan to grow yourself, your team, and your company in a way that is authentic to you.

About Jean


I believe that everyone has their own unique definition for SUCCESS and that as a coach it is my job to ask the questions and help you to come to your own personal definition. Then together we can go about building a company that you LOVE in a way that is not OVERWHELMING.

My passion is working with companies that have leaders who are humble and eager to learn and grow and who want their teams to learn and grown alongside them. As a Certified Leadership Coach and Small Business Advisor — and one who personally understands the complexities (and frustrations) of building a small business –I can help you to improve your leadership, get crystal clear on your company vision, grow your team, and create the strategy and systems needed so you can reach your version of SUCCESS.

For me personally, my greatest achievement is the life I have built with my husband of 30+ years in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. After giving up my “California girl” status many years ago I enjoyed raising my son and daughter in the outskirts of Portland, Oregon. Together we have built businesses while still being able to be an active part of our kids lives. Today they are both in their 20’s and thriving. Now that is what I call SUCCESS…

Clients Say…

"Before I started coaching with Jean I had great aspirations, but the execution was often left in the dust. With Jean in my corner I was able to REALISTICALLY identify the crucial next steps and begin to work a plan toward accomplishing my goal."

Beverly Bartsch

"Jean is an outstanding success coach. Our lunch time conference calls were invaluable. Thank you Jean for leading and partnering with me to help target my personal goals and desires."

Jennifer Bennett

"When I started working with Jean the weight of my uncertainty caused me to avoid setting goals. I craved growth and fulfillment but struggled with even motivating myself to achieve it. With Jean's help I was able to uncover the fears and move through those limiting beliefs that had previously made goal setting feel... HEAVY. Now I have clarity and am actually EXCITED to set new goals. My time with Jean means that I don't have to make the journey alone. I'm incredibly grateful for all her wise guidance and support."

Lori Anderson

Scale Your Business

without losing your mind

Ditch the overwhelm and successfully grow yourself, your team, and your revenue